Repurposing furniture and homewares to bring character to your home

16 February 2017

Looking after our environment is a cause I hold close to my heart. I’m always striving for ways to have less of an impact on this beautiful planet and I’m also a strong advocate for recycling. 

With a passion for recycling in mind, I love helping clients spark their creativity by offering ways of repurposing furniture and homewares they already have. Recycling furniture can be fun, inspirational and give your home an eclectic touch without looking like a second-hand shop. 

You may have an old pine bedside table you don’t know what to do with? You could completely transform it into a Hampton’s coastal look by using blues or white paint and changing the knobs. You could add some navy cushions, an old suitcase and a buoy to your bedroom. Styling your home doesn’t have to be expensive. 
Photo: The Home

Photo: Hamptons Style

I’m also a supporter of incorporating family heirlooms into the home. Revitalise an old toy box, a chest of drawers or simply tie in the old pieces such as an old suitcase, vintage typewriters and books with your existing homewares and still achieve a contemporary look. 
Photo: Erin Spain
Photo: New England Nesters
If you keep eyeing off your nana’s old floor lamp, or your run-down bedside table or dining room chairs, an intimate Mezzie & Frank workshop might just be what you need to bring a fresh new look into your home. 
Mezzie & Frank is owned by two Queensland ladies who developed their own range of chalk effects paint after struggling to access a greater variety of colours here in Australia. 
Manufactured in Australia and formulated by using environmentally friendly ingredients, it was an easy decision to become a stockist and advocate for the Mezzie & Frank brand. 
Mezzie & Frank owner: Merran
Our fun and easy workshops offers you a chance to transform a piece of your furniture with step-by-step guidance. Located at the Strand in Coolangatta, you will work your magic in my homewares store within a few hours!
To find out more about our upcoming workshop on Saturday 18th February, visit here:
 Or call our store on 07 5599 3999.
Kerrie xx

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